Wednesday, November 18, 2009


First we have to get kiwifruits from the fruit shop.Then you crack one egg, but you need to take out the yellow yolks and put them in the rubbish bin.Then you get your sugar and put the white bit in a bowl and mix it up fast.Then when you've done it you put the egg and the sugar on a tray and put it in the oven.Then you ask an adult to cut your kiwifruit.You cut the end and top off.Then get your knife and cut the skin off because it is not nice.Then get the white soft meringue out of the oven.Then get out your wipped cream and squirt it on the meringue.Finally the time we've been waiting for!We can eat it!It was crunchy and kind of sweet, delicious yummy and mavrellous!
By Sally.


  1. Thanks for writing back on our blog. Do you have any questions about Arizona? We would love to tell you about desert.
    We use a programs called to make our wall. It's easy and free.You just need to open an account.
    Hope to hear from you again.

    Mr. Miller and Room 25 Online

  2. In Arizona is very hot and slightly rains but not much in winter it is clod like you can see your breath.Yes it is yeah I mean it cold be cold and it could be hot and it is never just right but so what you have family here that loves this place just deal with it.Well there is the Cardnal the Roadrunners the Healamonsters and there are a lot more but right now I am going to talk about the Cardnal.The Cardnal has been named after Arizona because the Cardnal is called the Arizona Cardnal.Our school is almost the same thing has yours but much bigger.What food is special well there are many kinds that I can say but I will just say 1.My favorite food is chicken that you can get from KFC (kuntucky fried chicken.)Yes it is because you guys are on the other side of the world compared where you guys are so if the world go round and round as the sun and moon go the go in seperite derctions.I do have 1 question to ask you witch is how did you guys get the back ground on your blog so that is it got to go now bye bye!!!

  3. hey guys I think pavlova sounds yummy Im going to make it at home.And what kind of animals do you have in New Zealand? Well my favorite animal in Arizona is a Jack rabbit.It hop around the
    deseret. They are very cute and have huge ears.
    One other thing what does 3 and 4 class mean?

    Danielle aka room 25 online

  4. It is very hot here all the time!its a very good place to live!what is New Zealand like?are school is very fun whats yours like? I like any kind of food like pork,steak,and chinese!it is night time there and morning here.
    Shyanne room 25 online.