Monday, November 2, 2009

Otara Clean Up

Last term Miss Gottwald, Miss Hughes, Miss Venturi and Miss Christian spent the morning helping to clean up Otara Creek Reserve. There was so much to do! We helped pick up all the rubbish we could find. Then we helped to clear out an old building  that was full of junk. We filled a whole skip!! We met lots of lovely people who also wanted to be tidy kiwis and help us to keep New Zealand beautiful. What a fun day!


  1. Hi Pukekos,

    We love the photos from the Otara Clean Up. It looks like the teachers had such a fun day!

    Keep posting photos because we love looking at them.

    Love from,

  2. Kia ora Pukekos
    I love every part of your blog including the special skin or background you have chosen. I agree with you that Yendarra is a great place to be. I am already excited about coming to school tomorrow and I haven't yet left school to go home for my kai and moe! Lucky Miss G to have such special Pukekokos to care for. arohanui Mrs Dunlop xx

  3. That's kind of you to clean out Otara Creek Reserve.Your blog background is cool.

  4. I think it was really nice of you guys to help clean up that reservation and the abandoned house. you guys are really nice.

  5. I think it very kool that you like to clean Otara Creek Reserve!!!!..I also like your photos of u guys cleaning the creek.

  6. I think it was really kind of you guys to clean the reservation. I really like the backgrounded its very neat.

  7. Whoa!!! That must have been hard work to clean up. If i was there i would have helped.

  8. Well done everyone,
    It is great to see you take pride in where you live and good to see your teachers joining in!!
    Mary Gottwald