Friday, November 20, 2009

New Zealand words!

Here are explanations for some of our kiwi words...

Jandal: is a shoe. It is our name for a flip flop or a thong.
Gum boot: a shoe for rainy days or on the farm. It is called a Wellington boot in England.
Pavlova: a pudding made of eggs and sugar, lots of cream and fruits.
Kiwi: a small brown bird with a long beak that only lives in New Zealand.
The Haka: A Maori War dance. The All Blacks perform a haka before they start a rugby match
The All Blacks: The New Zealand Rugby Team

If there's any other words you want to know about let us know and we'll add them in!

Room 9 Pukekos


  1. Dear Room 9,
    Thanks for the useful list of words above-now we will know what everything means when we come and visit you in just over 3 weeks time! The Pavlova sounds very yummy!
    See you soon
    Liz and Lewis

  2. Hi Pukekos,

    We really like your list of NZ words. We especially like that you have mentioned the All Blacks. Can you tell us who the Black Caps and All Whites are, please?

    Love from

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    Anthony from room25

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    from Fernando

  10. Hi Class 9!

    Do you know how to perform the Haka? It would be cool to see a video of your class doing the Haka! Be careful when Liz and Lewis come to visit that they do not eat all of your Pavlova!