Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bunning's Warehouse

Last week Bunning's Warehouse visited Yendarra to help us build a vegetable garden. We planted beans, spinich, lettuces, cucumber, tomaties and strawberries. They taught us how to plant them and how to look after them. We have to give them plenty of water and make sure we put pellets down to keep the snails and slugs away. They like to eat vegertables. We do too! We can't wait until they are ready to pick and eat... yummy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Zealand words!

Here are explanations for some of our kiwi words...

Jandal: is a shoe. It is our name for a flip flop or a thong.
Gum boot: a shoe for rainy days or on the farm. It is called a Wellington boot in England.
Pavlova: a pudding made of eggs and sugar, lots of cream and fruits.
Kiwi: a small brown bird with a long beak that only lives in New Zealand.
The Haka: A Maori War dance. The All Blacks perform a haka before they start a rugby match
The All Blacks: The New Zealand Rugby Team

If there's any other words you want to know about let us know and we'll add them in!

Room 9 Pukekos

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


First we have to get kiwifruits from the fruit shop.Then you crack one egg, but you need to take out the yellow yolks and put them in the rubbish bin.Then you get your sugar and put the white bit in a bowl and mix it up fast.Then when you've done it you put the egg and the sugar on a tray and put it in the oven.Then you ask an adult to cut your kiwifruit.You cut the end and top off.Then get your knife and cut the skin off because it is not nice.Then get the white soft meringue out of the oven.Then get out your wipped cream and squirt it on the meringue.Finally the time we've been waiting for!We can eat it!It was crunchy and kind of sweet, delicious yummy and mavrellous!
By Sally.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Last term Otara Fire Fighters came to Yendarra School to answer our questions and to teach us how to be firewise. I learned to “get down, get low, get out and dial 111”. I need to get my Mum and Dad to check the smoke alarms. If you have a fire in your magnificent, stupendous house you have to shout “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!!!!” and dial 111. When you want to be a fire fighter you have to be 18. If you find matches or lighters you have to give it to your Mum or Dad or teacher. Also shut the door so the fire won’t come outside. You have to go out and stand next to the mail box if there is a fire. You must get out and stay out of the fire. You are not allowed to use candles near the curtains if the window is open. Michael the fire fighter put on a video about a candle next to the curtain and the smoke alarm was saying, “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” and the fire went on the ceiling and had nowhere to go so it went on the ground. In the bedroom there was no fire but lots of smoke so the smoke alarm was still on. We played a game with Jamie the fire fighter. The game was Get Down, Get Low, Get Out. We had to put our nose on the ground because that’s where there is the most air so you can breathe and crawl under the smoke. If you swallow the smoke you will be sick. Michael was the mail box so we had to crawl to Michael. He waved his hands so we could see him. We went outside to see the fire fighter’s truck. Jamie showed us the hose. They kept them inside the red truck. Some were long and some were short. Ken the station officer showed us the TIC that they use to help find people. I felt happy because we got to go inside the truck. Guess what? Girls can be fire fighters too! I had a fantastic day!

A Yendarra School Pukeko

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We are the Yendarra Pukekos!

We are lucky to go to the best school in the world, we love it here! We are a hard-working, sensible class but we like to have fun too. This term we are learning all about kiwiana. We will share some of what we have learned in our blogs. Kiwiana is about all the things that are special to New Zealand. For example, kiwiana is jaffas and pavlaova, kiwis and pukekos, the buzzy bee, the All Blacks and the Haka. Next week we are going to be doing instruction writing so watch out for some cool and yummy kiwiana recipes we have written!

We are also learning different folk dances. Maybe we can make a movie of our favourite one if you'd like to see it? 

Please comment and tell us what you'd like us to share with you...

Love from the Pukekos x

A New Zealand Poem

New Zealand is beautiful
Eat pavlova and kiwi fruits
We love playing in the water

Zoom to the zoo to see the kiwis 
Everyone wears jandals
All Blacks do the Haka
L&P is bubbly and yummy
All blacks always win in rugby
New Zealand kids are rocking it
Don't you want to come here?

By two yendarra school pukekos

Monday, November 2, 2009

Otara Clean Up

Last term Miss Gottwald, Miss Hughes, Miss Venturi and Miss Christian spent the morning helping to clean up Otara Creek Reserve. There was so much to do! We helped pick up all the rubbish we could find. Then we helped to clear out an old building  that was full of junk. We filled a whole skip!! We met lots of lovely people who also wanted to be tidy kiwis and help us to keep New Zealand beautiful. What a fun day!

NZ Senses Poem

New Zealand sounds like the hullabaloo of the Haka,
New Zealand smells like sausages sizzling on the bbq, 
New Zealand tastes like kiwi fruits and hokey pokey-ice cream,
New Zealand feels like the soft feathers of kiwis and pukekos,
New Zealand looks like bubbling mud popping and exploding,
We love New Zealand!