Friday, November 6, 2009

Last term Otara Fire Fighters came to Yendarra School to answer our questions and to teach us how to be firewise. I learned to “get down, get low, get out and dial 111”. I need to get my Mum and Dad to check the smoke alarms. If you have a fire in your magnificent, stupendous house you have to shout “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!!!!” and dial 111. When you want to be a fire fighter you have to be 18. If you find matches or lighters you have to give it to your Mum or Dad or teacher. Also shut the door so the fire won’t come outside. You have to go out and stand next to the mail box if there is a fire. You must get out and stay out of the fire. You are not allowed to use candles near the curtains if the window is open. Michael the fire fighter put on a video about a candle next to the curtain and the smoke alarm was saying, “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” and the fire went on the ceiling and had nowhere to go so it went on the ground. In the bedroom there was no fire but lots of smoke so the smoke alarm was still on. We played a game with Jamie the fire fighter. The game was Get Down, Get Low, Get Out. We had to put our nose on the ground because that’s where there is the most air so you can breathe and crawl under the smoke. If you swallow the smoke you will be sick. Michael was the mail box so we had to crawl to Michael. He waved his hands so we could see him. We went outside to see the fire fighter’s truck. Jamie showed us the hose. They kept them inside the red truck. Some were long and some were short. Ken the station officer showed us the TIC that they use to help find people. I felt happy because we got to go inside the truck. Guess what? Girls can be fire fighters too! I had a fantastic day!

A Yendarra School Pukeko


  1. This sounds like a really fun and informative day - a very well written blog! Hope that you remember all of the things the firefighters taught you. I am a friend of Miss Gottwald's, all the way from England too. It's lovely to hear about all the things you're doing at school. Rachel

  2. Hello everyone,
    It is great to see how much that you have learned after your time spent with the fireman and you have posted some really important things for us all to remember.
    Look after yourselves
    Mrs Gottwald (Miss Gottwald's mother)

  3. WOW Pukekos you are receiving comments from the other side of the world. I really enjoyed reading about your visit from the Fire Brigade. On Saturday night there were lots of crackers being let off around my house and when I went to bed I could smell something burning. I couldn't locate the smell so didn't worry too much. However, when I went to get my paper from my paper box the next morning there had been a fire in my garden burning to the ground the cabbage tree and other plants. I thought of all you learnt when the Fire Brigade came to visit and hope you will always rememeber their advise.
    alofa tele lava Mrs Dunlop

  4. That is cool that the fire fighters came to your school Im a kid from walker school in Tucson Arizona

  5. I think you guys need some more things about firewise. Here in the U.S is 911 instead of 111.

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