Monday, November 2, 2009

NZ Senses Poem

New Zealand sounds like the hullabaloo of the Haka,
New Zealand smells like sausages sizzling on the bbq, 
New Zealand tastes like kiwi fruits and hokey pokey-ice cream,
New Zealand feels like the soft feathers of kiwis and pukekos,
New Zealand looks like bubbling mud popping and exploding,
We love New Zealand!


  1. Well done Miss Gottwald! I love the way that you have said that New Zealand sounds like the hullabaloo of the haka, what fantastic alliteration. Thank you for sharing your lovely poetry with me.

    Miss Venturi

  2. That poem is very descriptive and makes me want to hop on a plane and come and see where you live. The poem was absolutely amazing:)

  3. wow! That poem was very interesting it was also very discriptive! I like your class blog it looks very nice! Well done!!!

  4. The poem was really great i liked it.

  5. New Zealand does sound like a nice place to be.

  6. Dear Yendarra School Pukekos,
    I just want to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I have discovered things about New Zealand that I did not know before so thank you. I am looking forward to learning more!
    Mary Gottwald

  7. WOW!
    I really enjoyed reading your New Zealand poem now you's are going to get people jumping on that plane and flying over to New Zealand!:)


  8. Dear Sally
    The pavlova story was great. I liked pavlova too, yum!
    Love Rosalia